August TV Commercials

Here are two commercials that I just finished up for August.




New Happenings

I know… I promised a lot of cool things and got too wrapped up in life to post on a constant schedule. I’m excited to announce I have a new tool to make my life easier, it’s called CoVideo. The sales people started using it for followup videos to their customers, I saw the program and fell in love! This program will make it so much easier to film tech videos and reviews about products. I’m going to start off slow (let’s say one a month), than once I start getting traction I can always increase the amount from there. The first vehicle review will be the new Hyundai Palisade, this vehicle is just amazing! I’m also going to have a review on the “New” Coke they re-released because of Stranger Things, I never was able to have it before so I was courteous on how bad it really was. So my Stepson and I will be doing a review video sometime this week and posting the link to it on here too.

Today I have a quick video about the new 2020 Sentra that will be coming out, I didn’t know about this until Friday afternoon and I was floored. I used to have a Sentra and loved it… except for the power! After watching this video it really looks like they did the Sentra justice (the sales guys call it the “Smalltima”) it really does look like a little Altima.

I’m really excited to be getting you new content and funny videos, I’ve been working on animations in Apple Motion, so I can have things to throw in there. Last month I had 8 TV Commercials and 3 Radio spots to shoot and edit. It takes a lot (both mentally and physically) but I really do love doing video. I appreciate everyone who has stayed with me and look forward to the future!

Enjoy the new Sentra!

Drive 4UR School Event: June 11 2019

It’s rare these days when a company will do something for the
betterment of a community. Here at Causeway, our founder and
president Dave Wintrode has always given back to the community that
has supported him. One of these ways Causeway can give back, is a
program started by the Ford Motor Company called Drive 4UR School.
Our dealership will host an event on behalf of Ford and anyone can
come out and test drive a car. For each test drive completed, Ford will
donate $20 with a maximum of 300 test drives.

For the past 8 years I have been organizing and running these
events, and have grown lots of lasting relationships. One such
relationship is Southern Regional High School since 2011. The
superintendent Craig Henry and his staff are amazing to work with and
everyone has such a good time. Over the years our events raising
money for the Southern Regional Education Foundation put them in a
place to better support all the students in the district. The SREF was
able to buy amazing items for the school like Digital Whiteboards, Anti-
bullying speakers, and even a mobile news van. We have also done
events with the Stafford Police Department for their SOA foundation
and many other charities in our community.

We recently held a drive for Southern Regional on June 11 th and it
couldn’t have gone any better! We started around 9:30 in the morning
and went until 2pm in the afternoon, all without slowing down! We had
such a great turnout between staff members, parents, and others in the
community, we ended up with 367 overall drives (with only 300
counting)! We would like to thank the following Sales Consultants that
attended the event as well: Chad Scanlon, Kevin Meade, Skip Martin,
Sam Morrison, Antonio Brito, Charlie Coopey, Mike Cioffi, and Joe
Hughes. Without your help we couldn’t have gotten close to our final
number and goal.

The 2019 Hyundai Kona – First Impressions

Electric Cars have always been something of a novelty and considered a vehicle that is fun to drive, but you would never really own one. In 2019 with all the new advances in battery technology, it is possible to use an Electric Car for your normal everyday ride. The biggest problem has been and always will be, the battery range… the dreaded “Range Anxiety”. It’s always, “do I have enough charge to get to work?” or “We can’t go there today because it’s too far”. Thanks to pioneers like Nissan & Tesla, they have eased all the stigma’s attached to all electric cars. Batteries have gotten better, cheaper, & smaller. The electric cars look more like cars than weird things inspired by Sci-Fi movies of the 50’s. Which brings us to the topic… The 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric!

Hyundai has been at the forefront of Hybrid and Electric technology. Their Hybrid Sonata’s show up just as much as the all gas versions, there is also the Hybrid / Electric Ionic lineup. So it really comes as no surprise that they would electrify a version of their super popular Kona Small Crossover. Since the Kona came out, it has been a success. Hyundai can’t even build them fast enough for the demand. When I first heard of the Electric Kona, I thought “oh great” they are going to make it look like it was designed by Lucas Arts and It will sit around for a year in the showroom… boy was I wrong! Not only does it look like a normal Kona (minus the grill and radiator), it still has the same sporty off-road persona of the regular Kona, but this Kona is destined for the road.

Upon first look, it is a regular Kona without a grill. When you look closely you can see a little door designed into the bumper and hidden, this is the charge port (located just to the left of the Hyundai badge). This car comes with standard universal charge ports, so you can go anywhere there’s a charger and plug right in. You can plug this car directly into a regular house plug; however, it will take a long time (over 17+ hours)! The best thing is to get a charging station for your home it uses a 240-volt level-2 charger and will charge your Kona in around 10 hours. After the 10 hours of charging you are good for an amazing 258 miles! The electric motor is rated at 201 horsepower, which will quietly get you up to 60 mph in around 7 seconds!

The interior is the typical Hyundai Kona layout with changes in the buttons and layout to accommodate the different technology in the Electric. You get Hyundai’s cool looking “floating screen” with standard Apple Car Play & Android Auto, you also get automatic climate control with a driver only function, Wireless charging for your phone or device, Drive mode selector, and heated seats. Hyundai’s infotainment system is very straight forward and responsive with no visible lag. The system has Bluetooth connections, HD Radio, and SiriusXM radio with a free trial. There is also an electric vehicle only section that will keep track of the operation of the Kona. There is also a 100% digital dash with more information to keep track of all the important information.

With an all-electric vehicle there has to be a change in your driving habits. Things you will do in a gas vehicle just won’t work well on the EV. Being an aggressive driver just won’t work in this car, it is better to be steady and constant (think cruise control), accelerate slower and when coming to a stop you want to “ride your brakes” so the engine can regain some charge while you slow down. Also (if you can) it is better to drive without the A/C or heat… I know what you’re thinking, but you can really help out your car by having it plugged in and let the car cool or heat the interior ahead of time, so when you go to drive you are just maintaining the temperature you want instead of trying to cool the car by 20 degrees. Hills are also your friend and enemy! You can kill a lot of your battery by flying up a big hill, but that same hill can really charge up your car a lot by letting it glide down the hill.

EV’s aren’t for everyone, but with the change in technology they are getting closer than ever. I think when they can reach 300-400 miles and not be crazy expensive you will see more of a change. There are still big hurdles to overcome, like what do you do if you live in a condo or apartment? Who pays for the electricity then? Then you have the “EV Etiquette”, let’s say you charge up your EV at work and they have 2 chargers. You really want the car to cool down in the summer when you leave, so you keep it plugged in. The problem is there are 4 people with an EV and they need to charge the car in order to get home, but they cannot because you have yours plugged in all day.

If you have any comments or want to talk about something more in depth. Please comment below. I will be working on a walk around video to accompany this article in the near future, so stay tuned in here and on my YouTube channel – The I.T. Guy!