2020 Ford Explorer Tease!

In this quick but potent post, I have something for you! Ford just announced the 2020 Explorer, I just wanted to get your unbiased reactions. So Enjoy!



New Things for 2019 and Beyond!

I know I know… It’s been an absurdly long time, I’m starting to get settled in again. Just to catch everyone up, here are some of the things since my last post. We opened our new Hyundai Building at 405 Route 72 in Manahawkin towards the end of October. Everything in this building is state of the art, it’s also right in line with all the other stores right on Route 72. This building I can say is just downright amazing! We are the first in the area with Hyundai’s new “Corporate Look” and it’s very modern and feels fresh compared to the old one. The biggest thing to get used to are the automatic lights in all the rooms, it took forever to remember to just walk in. We also renovated the Nissan Service drive with a brand new floor and separated the Assistant Service Managers from the technicians so it would be a little quieter (and climate controlled) for the customers. We also got a new alignment checker (future post) that is really state of the art, you can drive without any targets or stopping, we are the only ones in our region to have one at our Honda building.

The main thing I wanted to talk about is the future. I am not only going to continue writing, but I will do more by adding a set time. Thinking I could pump out something every week or two seemed fine at the time, but it really gets hard coming up with stuff or having the time. I think having a one month timetable is really doable and more realistic. Then I can come up with quality content. I have been getting really good messages from people with real problems with their technology or vehicles, I know sometimes customers can get the runaround in service or sales for problems that really affect you with your car or truck. This blog isn’t part of my job, I really do like helping people (I know… that sounds corny). I have been at this dealership going on 13 years and I have gained a lot of hands on knowledge. If I don’t know something I will ask around until I can come up with an answer.

I am also the Cinematographer for all of our TV and Radio commercials. I shoot and edit them all (going on 5ish years now). I made a TV studio in the new Hyundai building, so I would have a more permanent location to quickly get new content out. This brings me to this blog again, I am not only going to be shooting new videos for the site, I will also be starting classes here at Causeway with the help of one of the Sales Consultants. We will be able to film these also and deliver them to you on this site.

I have rambled on too long… but I am really excited for what’s coming in the future! Since I have TV commercials to edit the beginning of the month, I will be posting on the site the 15th of every month. I look forward to your comments and questions!

Causeway’s 9th Annual Drive 4UR School

It is that time again for Causeway’s 9th Annual Drive 4UR School benefiting the Southern Regional Education Foundation. In the past we have raised money for Digital Whiteboards in the classroom, the Southern Regional mobile news van, Anti-Bullying advocates, and much more. We couldn’t have done this without the help of our amazing community! Causeway has been here even before there was a Rt. 72 and we are currently in our 49th year! Most of our employees go to the same restaurants, stores, and our kids go to school with your kids. We are proud to call Manahawkin our home.

Since this is our 9th year doing this fundraiser with Southern Regional High School & with the help of our good friend Craig Henry, we have had a great turnout every year… and it keeps going up and up! The only thing you have to do is test drive a vehicle (that we bring) and fill out a paper survey (that we supply too). For every person that drives something and fills out a complete survey on that vehicle, Ford will donate $20 towards the Southern Regional Education Foundation. I have personally managed each event trying to figure out which vehicles to bring and having enough personnel to keep the line moving. We always have such a great turnout that I always have to call in some support to bring more cars.

This year is going to be no different! There will probably be around 8-9 cars, with the emphasis being SUV’s and Pickups. I remember one year I brought an F-350 Diesel Dually and it was the talk of the event. You could have had a Ferrari pull in and people would still be looking at this truck. There is no definitve list on what is coming, but expect at least 2 F-150’s, 1 SuperDuty, a mustang, and a good mix of new model SUV’s and crossovers. There will be the really cute Ford EcoSport (if we still have them in stock then) which is a compact Crossover (about the size of a Fiesta) which is perfect for the person just learning to drive.

Thanks again for all the support over the years and lets have fun and drive cars for money that benefits the High School. This event is rain or shine (barring any really bad weather). We are looking forward to see you there!

Causeway Article – April 2018

Upcoming Lincoln Models

By: Jason Halliday

The Lincoln Motor Company has really stepped forward recently to prove to the world that the old Lincoln you remember is gone for good… or is it? Lincoln has also brought back old nameplates (and a new one) replacing the extremely confusing MK whatever tags they used in the past. The future lineup (including Ford) is going to focus mostly on Crossovers and SUV’s. These days nobody wants sedans anymore. The Lincoln Lineup is going to consist of the following models:

Sedans: MKZ & Continental

Crossovers: MKC, Nautilus (for 2019), Aviator, Navigator.

Vehicles stopping production: MKX & MKT

People might see the MKX on the chopping block and wonder why, this is due to the name changing. They can’t just change the name of the vehicle, they wanted to change the entire vehicle while still keeping the same dimensions and price point. The Aviator is actually the first all new Lincoln. They are not using an existing Lincoln model. They in fact are based off a modified version of the Explorer chassis, which will give it 3 rows and make it cheaper than the Navigator. When the Lincoln Aviator came out in 2002 people loved them, we actually still see some in the service drive once in a while. They really only stopped production when the gas prices were really high and people didn’t want SUV’s anymore. The Aviator will be also the only vehicle in it’s class to be a Plug-in Hybrid! Thats right, you will be able to run this vehicle on nothing but batteries for some time. There is also the Navigator, which was completely redesigned in 2018 and didn’t skimp on anything. It has available 30 way power seat, it also has an 3.5L twin turbocharged 450hp engine hooked up to a 10 speed transmission.

With these new cars, the tech has upgraded as well. The Continental, Aviator and Navigator have 100% digital dashboards, this makes customizing your driving experience even easier than before. You also have Lincoln’s version of SYNC3 (which is different than Ford’s). They made the system easier to use while adding got to have features like Apple Car play and Android Auto. In the Continental and Navigator they even added a package that will turn the 2nd row into a fully controllable section. You can change everything from the radio to climate with by using the center controller between the seats. There is also an audio system designed by Revel called the “Ultima” which has up to 20 speakers in the Navigator and a yet to be announced amount in the Aviator.

Whether you had Lincolns for a lifetime or are just starting to look into them now, you really owe it to yourself to check out the new Lineup of one of the fastest growing and popular lineups in the Luxury market today. Automotive magazines are starting to write more and more articles on Lincoln and you are even seeing them in TV Shows and Movies again. This is an exciting time with a lot of really nice upcoming vehicles that will keep raising the bar for years to come.

New Addition’s to Blog

I was looking at my site and just saw that it missed something. So I changed the design to make it more user friendly, but I also decided to drastically add more content. I will still post my newspaper articles on the site but also stories more about me and my life. These stories will be posted on the first week of every month.

I look forward to the new stories that will come!

The 2019 Ford Ranger

When someone thinks of a small pickup truck one of the top choices is the Ford Ranger. Even with this iconic truck getting axed from the lineup in 2012, we thought all hope was lost. But before you give up everything you might want to know that Ford is bringing back in its smallish pickup truck, and it even has four full doors too! The Ranger actually never went away at all, it’s been in production actually everywhere else but the US. Many people think it was to boost up the numbers on F-150 sales, while others think it was because the old ranger never really changed much from the original design in 1983. The Ranger platform was used for the First two generations of Explorer, Bronco II, Mercury Mountaineer, and Ford Explorer Sport-Trac.

The 2019 Ranger based on the European and Australian models is very updated when compared to its predecessor. It comes in three trim levels XL, XLT, & Lariat. It also has fun new colors like Saber (a bright orange), Lightning Blue, Hot Pepper Red, Absolute Black, Magnetic (Dark Grey), Ingot Silver, White Platinum, and the good old Oxford White. There aren’t any details on the interior colors, but you can expect black or grey. There is also an offroad package that you can add, it comes with skid plates, all-terrain tires, and an angle display so you can see how your truck is doing. There is a new feature called “Trail Control” Think of this as an off-road cruise control, it will automatically control the brake and gas to keep the vehicle at a constant speed between 1 and 20 miles per hour. There is also a dial that can control 4 different terrain modes like grass, gravel, snow/mud/rut/sand, and normal. It also has an electronic locking rear differential so you can get the truck up most anything.

The only engine that they are advertising at this point is the 2.3 Ecoboost engine with Ford’s unique 10-speed transmission. There is also Adaptive Cruise Control that will automatically slow down if someone slows down in front of you. There is also Lane Keeping Assist that will warn you if you start to drift in the lane then steer you back into the middle of the lane. There is also Pre-collision Assist with pedestrian detection. This couldn’t be complete without Ford’s one and only Blis system that will light a warning in either of your side mirrors letting you know someone is in your blind spot. For all of you tech people out there, you can get Ford’s new Ford Pass Connect feature that will turn your car into a WI-FI hotspot that you can use up to 50 feet outside the vehicle.

Ford still hasn’t released pricing for this new truck; however, most people we talk to are really excited when they can actually see this vehicle. You can sign up for updates on Ford’s website so you’re not left out of the loop. This new Ford Ranger platform is actually the base for the new Ford Bronco that is coming out, it’s supposed is more like the Jeep Wrangler than the 90’s Bronco that you all remember. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small truck person when you stick with a vehicle that is built Ford Tough you can’t go wrong!


The 2018 Hyundai Elantra – Tech Review

There are opinions for everything in life, cars, music, technology, etc. This doesn’t stop for “in-car” technology and features. For the longest time, I always wanted everything in a vehicle and was disappointed when it didn’t have what I was obsessing over. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m starting to not like the tech stuff being crammed into vehicles these days. Have we gotten to the saturation point? Should we go back to plain radios? I am willing to say no to both of those questions! What if you could have all the important tech stuff but not feel overwhelmed.  This is where the 2018 Hyundai Elantra comes in!


The Hyundai Elantra I am talking about is the 2018 “Value Edition”. This is the middle trim level that has the perfect balance of price and value (hence the name). Right off the bat, you get the 7-inch display with standard AM/FM/Sirius XM (no cd player). You also get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard as well. So without needing factory Nav, you can just plug-in your phone (Galaxy S8 is my test phone) and use Google Maps or WAYS right through the system (with very little effort). You can also pull up many other apps that will run on the system. In the early days you were severely limited to what apps can run on either system, but now with more and more apps being accepted, there are more than enough. I like the fact that I can text my voice by just saying “Hey Google” and I can text my wife without worrying about getting a $400 ticket! If you are the 2% wondering if your Windows Phone is compatible… it’s not. I like listening to Pandora so now when I am leaving work I can continue listening where I left off. Hyundai has nicely laid out OS which feels very comfortable. Instead of being all cluttered, you have an “all menu’s” section that hides a good size list of everything on the system. There is an area for your current channel and map (if you have nav). The system overall is very responsive and easy to use for the driver or passenger.


The rest of the car has very nice features like standard “Blind Spot Detection” with rear cross traffic alert and Lane Change Assist. If you are driving and someone pulls in your blind spot on either side, an amber light will turn on in the corresponding mirror. The Elantra comes with “Lane Change Assist” which keeps track of the cars in the lanes behind you.  When you put the blinker on to change lanes, it will beep a warning that another car is approaching, warning you not to change lanes.  You could actually call this the “Anti-Cutoff Alert”. The car comes equipped with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert for backing up.  It checks for any vehicles or people and beeps to let you know someone is moving behind you. In the Value Edition, you will also get a standard Sunroof, push-button start, and keyless entry, Dual Zone Climate control with a clean air ionizer and automatic front defroster, heated seats, and a dimming rearview mirror with Homelink. There is another cool feature Hyundai calls the “smart trunk”.  This interesting feature will actually open the trunk for you when you are standing next to the rear of the vehicle for more than 5 seconds.  The only drawback is that if you are standing near your car, the trunk might open up.


When it comes to in-car technology everyone has their own opinion on what they want.  Reading all the options a vehicle has is one thing.  You need to play around with everything it has; you might just be surprised by everything it holds.